Tuesday, 20 September 2011

3 Choices for our Music Video

1: Jack Johnson- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.
Michaela: Guy waiting in a restaurant and the girl never turns up. He starts playing guitar.
Holly: guy playing a guitar in a barn, while couple argue in the background.
Alistair: All country-western-ish with hay bails and a straw hat. An' t'ing
Bekki: couple go out on date but they get the timings wrong and miss each other, argue on phone>

2: Rufus Wain- Everybody Knows.
Alistair: Gambling (poker chips, die rolling, roulette) big band style outfit (black suits w/ tie and hats).
Bekki: various people sitting around poker table, pan under the table voyeurism of cheating. girl and guy running away with chips stuffed everywhere at the end.
Holly: different members of the public singing 'everybody knows' montage of these clips.
Michaela: Starts with him gambling and throwing dice onto one of those green table things. In a suit which is unbuttoned and tie undone. He starts performing on a stage with a band. :)

3: Spice Girls- Angels.
Bekki: random angels seen on the street doing normal things, ie - shopping, eating lunch or running for the bus
Alistair: Angels goin'  clubbing.
Michaela: In an empty hall with a grand piano, a girl is playing it and singing. as the song builds up dancers start to appear a perform as a couple.
Holly: girl sat looking out of a window singing depressingly, while man plays a grand piano in a big room, while angels chill in the real world.


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