Thursday, 22 September 2011

Final Idea

Chosen song: Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.

Summary -
Girl gets ready, styling her her and putting on make-up. She then waits at the bus stop and gets a bus to Cambridge to meet a guy for dinner at a restaurant. In between these shots will be shots of the guy sitting at home watching TV obliviously. She waits outside the restaurant before going inside and and getting a table for two, she waits for a long time before leaving the restaurant. At this point the guy realizes he has a date and rushes up to get ready. She waits for another bus and as she gets on the bus and leaves, the guy comes running out to the front of the restaurant and talks to the waiter who points outside to the bus stop the guy gets to the bus stop just as it pulls out. The girl has her headphones in as she stares out the window of the bus its dark outside. As she walks into her house her phone rings and she answers it and has an argument on the phone with the guy (split screen) and as the phone call ends the girl picks up a vase and smashes it against the wall. She gets changed into comfy clothes, takes off her makeup and puts her hair up, watching rubbish late night TV when the door bell goes she gets up and opens the door to the guy who is out of breath holding flowers, shot of the girl smiling at him. All the way through the video we will have clips  and shots of a guy singing and playing the guitar to the song on a bench, uses close ups on his lips, strumming hand and medium shoots of him sitting there.

Destinations -
For the restaurant we thought of uses Frankies and Bennies or another restaurant in that area in Cambridge if we can get permission off them. If not then the pub where Holly works.
The bench where the guy will be singing would be in a place that isn't very busy, such as in a village [preferable at Long Road or near the Holly's Pub]
The house where the girl goes home will be one of our houses.

Props -
Phones, Cheap Vase, Table and Chairs, Flowers, Bus, Make-up, Guitar, TV and Remote, Headphones and iPod, Watch, Bench, Hair band.

Costumes -
The girl will be wearing high heels and a evening meal dress.
The guy will be wearing a shirt and dark jeans.
The artist will be wearing casual clothing such as jeans and a hoodie.
The girl in the evening will change into joggers and a hoodie, whilst the guy still looks smart.

Target Audience -
Our target audience is wide at about teens to middle aged of both genders. 

This is just a quick representation of what we would like at the beginning, apart from faster and a more variety ...
(By the way this was quickly shot and edited on an iPod, so don't have too much high hopes)

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