Thursday, 29 September 2011

Film Shot List

1) Pan up to angel pouring coffee from the word 'Angels' written in alphabetti sketti!
2) Front/side shot of the angel in kitchen.
3) Pan down from her in towel to her bare feet then the towel drops.
4) Her turning on shower - close up.
5) Close up of turning on tap.
6) Shadow of her in shower - medium long shot.
7) Close up of feathers blowing by a hair dryer.
8) Long shot of her trying to dry her wings.
9) Leaving house - Mid shot of head over gate.
10) From behind walking down drive long shot- looks behind her.
11) Camera becomes eyes looking back at house with Honey looking out of the window at her, with wings.
12) From behind of Honey showing wings - mid shot.
13) Mid shot of her walking down the road. Slightly tracking.
14) High shot over the shoulder of her texting/on her iPod.
15) Mid Long shot of her walking towards camera at bus station.
16) Mid shot of her climbing into bus - trying to squeeze through doors with wings.
17) Shot from behind of wings sitting out over the top of bus seats.
18) Mid shot of her sitting on bus gazing out of the window.
19) Mid-shot of her getting off bus sideways, from the front.
20) Mid-shot walking down street, from the front tracking backwards.
21) Long shot from across street of her bumping into a big man accidentally.
22) Mid-shot of coffee shop, with her walking towards
23) close up of hand pushing door
24) Match on action, mid close up of her coming through door.
25) Mid close up from behind of her the counter talking to coffee dude
26) Mid shot of her sitting down with a coffee
27) Close up of face from same angle to see her taking a sip
28) Long shot from bottom of escalator going down an escalator with loads of people on it.
29) Mid shot from side picking up cardigan
30) Long shot of struggling to get it on over wings, from the back
31) Back to first mid shot of her throwing it down
32) Mid-shot of two shop assistants looking at each other confused.
33) Mid of her face in cinema, person behind trying to peak round the wings.
34) Mid-shot of her in library sitting reading a book.
35) Mid-shot from behind of her walking in to big store
36) Long shot pan side ways, moving across isles in a store and shows her at the end of one.
37) Mid-close up tracking shot of inside of trolly, angel puts tub of Ben and Jerrie's ice cream in middle
38) over the shoulder shot of her handing over money to cashier and getting change back
39) sat on bench, camera pans up to sky

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