Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Stop Motion Video

On youtube there is a stop motion film creater, Pes. He uses stop motion to create some of his own films and adverts for companies. My favourite stop motion video of his is the one shown above. In this video he uses everyday objects and uses them in a different way to create a meal. I like the way he uses strange things in different ways for example he uses post-it notes as butter.
In our music video we would like to use stop motion to make the lyrics of the song appear. Pes does this in a video he used for a scrabble advert. He moves the letters around to create different words then he uses objects to symbolise these words, for example a race car moves around when he spells 'car' then 'racing'. I really like the idea of creating the word and then having an image to go with it and may try this for our music video.

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