Friday, 2 December 2011

Directors commentary scipt

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

- our initial idea was a video for a different song, however people thought it had been done before and felt it wasnt a strong enough pitch, as it was very narrative based and cliche.with this in mind we chose Jessica Simpsons cover of 'Angels' with the idea of an angel doing every day things such as making tea, shopping, having lunch etc. We felt this was a very original concept and recieved good comments.
After our rough cut many people said that they didn't quite understand the concept of the video and why she was wearing wings. They also said that our stop motion looked really good but didn't really fit with the video. We decided that they were right and therefore removed the stop motion and added shots of the artist singing and playing the piano, the teachers also said that the angles and variety of shots were good however the bright colours in the clips detracted from the narrative of the video, they suggested we add an effect over the top to make them duller and link to the meaning of the song. 
The majority of feedback we were given for our Final music video were positive comments including; how the black and white effect seporates the cut-ins from the narrative, found the concept comical and entertaining, variety of shots and angles that build up a professionalism within the video. Although it was realised that Holly couldnt actually play the piano and another felt we could have used more exciting clips where there were peaks in the song. 

How did you use new media technologies in construction, research planning and evaluation?

-Blogger was the first technology vital to our planning process, as we used it to upload video and images from the internet along with analysis' and i (Bekki) was even able to create and post a blog post using my phone as the website is highly accessible. 
-As they were easy to hold we were able to film in Cambridge at busy times. We used the tripod on nearly all of our shots to make sure they were all still and steady and were able to get some really good shots and when used with the trolly they allowed for smooth tracking and panning shots, such as the sideways scroll in the shop.
-We also used DSLR camera to take photos for our photoshoot, we used the slowest shutter speed on this camera to create the Angel wings
 image with the torches in the dark. 
-The most important thing for the construction of our video was final cut, which allowed us to do nearly everything. We were able to change the colour of all of our clips and put them in the order and length that we wanted, however there were a few things features we would have liked to use, also the annoyingly long rendering put real time pressure on our already limited time frame.
-We also used iStopmotion to captures things such as scrabble moving on its own. We used this to create the lyrics in different ways and found it was really simple to use however took a long time to get right.
-Using Photoshop enabled us to edit our pictures for the ancillary products with relative ease and also allowed us to create mood boards for research but some features were a tad tricky to start with, which was slightly frustrating as they didn't come out as we were hoping it would. However, once got to grips with it allowed us to effectively make our digi-pak and magazine ad into professional looking products and helped us to use a black and white effect, much like the one from our video this aiding us in linking the products to each other better.

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