Friday, 2 December 2011

Director's Commentary Script

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 

- I believe our music video complies with real media products as we have considered and featured all of the Goodwins points. 
- Our genre is Pop Ballad and we follow the characteristics by featuring the artist singing on the piano. Another convention is that we used a variety of effects such as black and white on our performance shots and de-saturation on our other clips.
- We didn't literally follow the lyrics however we used the imagery of an Angel. We amplify this image by uses an Angel sitting alone. We did use stop motion in our rough cut where we wrote the lyrics using different things.
- We made certain things happen on the beat for example the kicking of the cardigan and we also made sure that all of the cuts were on the beat. We made the cut rate fit with the music by lengthening or shortening the clips.
- With the demands of the record label in mind we created an angelic visual image for the artist and featured a close up of her face on the digipak cover for the audience to associate her with the video.
- Voyeurism is a key feature in our video. The way we film this video makes the audience feel like they are watching the artist while she is oblivious to them. For example; her getting out of bed, eating lunch, shopping, making tea.
- We aimed our video at a general audience. We achieved this by using a simple digipak therefore not having a gender or age specific references.
- influence and inspiration for our video include; lynx excite advert, ellie golding's 'your song' and Chalene Soraia 'Wherever you Will Go'
-we originally gained inspiration from trains soul sister for istop motion but we ended up cutting the clips out of our videos.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

As a whole our promotional package is very effective because as they all subtly link and we keep the theme of angelic innocence.
- also use of black and white
- we opted for a very natural appearance, using light makeup on holly and simple clothes that the audience can relate to.
- To prevent the digipak from appearing plain we've used a shot for the back outside cover of Holly standing, arms slightly raised outwards, with wings created from light.This links to our video through the use of angel wings, but we haven't extracted the exact feature as in our video we used a real prop
on the right inside cover we used the same effect of the wings made of light but blacked out Holly in the photo so the wings made a circle that outlines the CD holder.
-In our Magazine ad we've stuck to the angelic approach and had her pose very natural - with a slight laugh which makes her appear friendly - also we raised the contrast which made the bright white background glow around her body.

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