Friday, 2 December 2011

Feedback On Final Cut from Jaelle

I feel that your video uses Goodwins Theory really well, whether it's to amplify what's being said or just to stick with media conventions, it works and makes it appear more profressional. You've greatly linked the lyrics to the visuals to emphasize the lyrics; for instance whenever the word 'Angle' occured there'd be some footage of something related to Angles; from the name of a shop to the arrangment of alphabetti spaghetti on a plate.

The narrative was also strong, staying consistent and relevant to the lyrics throughout. The wide variety of shots made it fast paced and kept it engaging as there was always something to look at. Furthermore, as well as many shots there was also many locations, again keep it fresh and captivating.

Although the artist did feature within the video a fair, bit with different shots each time; I would of liked to see the artist singing elsewhere as opposed to behind a piano all of the time. Possibly walking towards the camera singing, I feel this would create a sense of interaction with the audience and allow us to get a better grasp of your emotion.

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