Thursday, 1 December 2011

Previous Student Evaluations

Evaluation of group 13P2-10 -- 2010/11

The group showed videos along side the four of them speaking to help demonstrate their points (like when they were talking about the relationship of visuals to lyrics they showed a clip whilst explaining it)
I think this is a very good method of helping emphasize points and is something we should consider to add into our evaluation commentary. The four of them sat close together as they answered the questions like they were all in conversation with eachother; an example being when one of them said 'i think all of our products go quite well together, dont you?' and how they back up eachothers points. Although i think this is a good way to tackle the questions, it can look a little staged when a planned conversation is made and i think it shows in this evaluation, saying this it doesnt effect the information that they share.

Evaluation of group 13T2-40 -- 2010/11

This group has typed the question up in the screen before answering in person, i think this is a quicker way of presenting and organising which question is being answered. The group answer bits of the question seporately and i think this works well as its clearer than the previous group i analysed as its flicking constantly from one to another where its clear who is speaking and whats being said this way. In our evaluation i think we should include clips of individual answers as well as clips with the group all together or in two's. They include images popping up to demonstrate what they are talking about and they show all products together.

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