Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Adele - Make You Feel My Love Music Video Analysis

This song is similar to our chosen song as it is as simple as a piano and her singing a slow, sad song which is why I decided to analysis it.
All of this video is staged in the same place - her apartment/room. It starts with no music being played but shots of the surroundings until the music starts which is when you see Adele in her apartment. Before the singing starts the camera shows different shots of her and then the narrative starts. There is only a very small narrative in this video but it starts with her picking up her phone and sending a text message to what we assume is her boyfriend. For the rest of the video she is waiting for him to reply. One thing in this video that does not normally occur is that you can hear everything she is doing over the top of the song, for example when she puts her phone down onto the table and when she starts moving on her bed you hear a rustling.
A genre characteristic for a sad/slow pop song is that she is singing on her own with no one around her.
There is little relationship between the lyrics and visuals apart from the emotions you can see on Adele face for example a tear drop that amplify the meanings of the lyrics.
The relationship between the music and visuals is that the shots are long quite long to match the tempo of the song. The shots occasionally cut on the beat however when they do not they change on a loud note of the piano or of the singing to amplify that part of the song.
There are a lot of close ups on Adele's face which shows all of her emotions clearly, this could be apart of the record label as they may be trying to make Adele a reachable person to fans so that they can link to her and what she is feeling which is also what the song represents.
The only voyeurism in this video is that we are watching Adele in her room which can be a very private place and we are watching her private emotions. We also watch her watching her phone waiting for the reply and of her staring out of the window at the rest of the world.
In the background of the song the TV is playing however we do not see what it is and can not make a link about it, apart from this there is little or no intertextual references.

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