Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Keep, Grow, Change

In my group we did both research and planning on our own and as a group. We had a lot of planning about what our video would contain and look like but we had little research on other music videos from the same genre. We used a lot of editing skills in our video. The main editing skill we used was the green screening technique. We had many different shots taking in front of the green screen and edited in different countries around the world, we used different props and outfits to show that the people were really in the places and then chose images that are easily recognisable to everyone. We also put lyrics and letters over the top of our video fitting in with what is being said and when it is being said for example ‘Take a Chance’ and we spelt out the name of the song ‘Holiday’. We made sure that all of the text came up on the beat as well as all of the change of scene. I think that our video was quite funny in parts, which adds to the feel of the video and our artist making them more likable. I also think that we had a good idea for our video. Our song was Holiday by Dizzee Rascal and we decided to ‘travel the world’ and pretend that we were on holiday and that other people were on holiday and having a good time. The green screening wasn’t 100% clear, in the New York scene we had Alistair dressed up as the Statue of Liberty wearing a green Liberty hat however the colour was too similar to the background and it disappeared into the background. The worst part about our video was the lip syncing. At first we had our friend being the artist however she did not live up to our exception therefore Ollie stepped in however he did not know the lyrics either. He knew some of the lyrics and those fitted well. This is the main thing I would improve about our video if I got the chance.

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