Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Charlene Soraia - Wherever You Will Go Music Video Analysis

This song is from the same genre as Angels - Jessica Simpson as pop an is similar in other ways such as it is just her singing and a piano. This video is very simple as it just consists of Charlene Soraia singing into a mic and a man playing the piano in a studio however is filmed in a way that links with the song and keeps the viewer interested.
A genre characteristic for pop is that if they are performering the song on stage/to people/in a studio. In this video they follow this convention by having her performing the song in a studio and singing to the mic.
There is very little relationship between the lyrics and visiual apart from in one point of the video where the camera shows the sheet music which has the words hand written on them.
The relationship between music and video is that the cuts and fades are on the beat. The different shots are all slightly longer than in other videos as it fits with the tempo of the song as it is slow. There are shots of a man playing the piano and this is all in time with playing and also they show the sheet music for the song visually linking the piano to the song.
In this video there are a lot of close ups on Charlene's face as she sings into the mix. This could be for the record label so that she is recognised as an artist and so people are familimar with her and feel as if they know her.
There isn't really any voyeuristic in this video apart from the fact that normally you don't get to see someone performering their song in a studio environment.

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