Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Unfortunately I wasn't here at the beginning of the video task so I was both unaware and unable to contribute towards the research, planning and filming. However I was here for a large part of the editing.

The planning my group did was two initial song ideas with video plots briefly noted. The song they chose was Dizzee Rascals 'holiday'. Within the initial idea of the music video they included costumes & props that were needed for filming and a shot list was prepared In a separate blog post. I think this planning was sufficient for a preliminary but with our final music video much more detailed planning and research on similar videos will be needed.  

 I was told by my group they only had one day to film all the footage for the task and because of this there is a lack of scene change (other than green screens) leaving not much selection in editing to put together a variety of shots to keep the audiences interest. In the future we will have to set aside a few different days for filming to allow location change and to keep the audience entertained and interested we will need a range of different shot types and angles.


As ollie didn't know the words to Dizzee's song it made it hard for him to lip synch to it correctly and so in the video it is alittle off, but to distract the viewer away from this we added bold white text over the shot with certain words or sentences of the song like 'south of france' and to break up the long clip of ollie singing we added 8 black screens into it with the first 7 spelling out 'H.O.L.I.D.A.Y' from the individual letters and the last with the full word across the screen. 

 What worked really well was the magazine advert for the song as we brainstormed ideas together and once we knew what we wanted we were able to photograph ollie. We were left with several good pictures we could chose and using photo shop created exactly what we wanted. 

In our final music video we will start with 3 possible song choices all with brief ideas of a music video and have a blog post for our final idea which will be in great detail. We will set up more days to shoot and take a variety of different shots. 

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