Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ellie Goulding - Your Song Music Video Analysis

I once again chose this song to analyse as it is in the same genre as Angels. The song involves of just her singing with a piano in the background.
Like the others this doesn't really have a narrative to it however it does have more of one than the others. This video starts with her on a train and then the setting quickly changes and goes to many other different locations but occasionally flicking back to her on a train. The filming is sometimes hand held which gives this video a sense of a home video with friends and in one shot it shows her friend filming her then changes to the footage on that camera, this gives this music video a real homely feel. The video consists of shots of her with her friends having fun, standing/sitting singing the lyrics and sitting next to a man on the piano who is playing the song. All of these shots are mixed together randomly and quickly to make up this video.
All of the shots are cut on the beat and the shots where she is singing are longer than the shots of her having fun which are shorter and faster to match the action. The camera shots use a range of different angles and distances but what really catches my attention is that they use a lot of blurring. They blur in and out of focus on a lot of things and this really gets my attention and I think that it is a really good idea which not many people use.

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