Tuesday, 11 October 2011

MTV Video Music Awards Task

Best Art Direction Nominees -
- Adele - Rolling in the Deep
- Death Cab For Cutie - You Are a Tourist
- Kanye West ft. Dwele - Power
- Katy Perry ft. Kanye West - E.T
- Lady Gaga - Judas

The Winner of this catagory was Adele with Rolling in the Deep.
Our Winner would have been Kanye West ft. Dwele with Power.

We choose this because the video is of a moving painting. The painting is in the style of Greek Godswith Kanye West in the middle staring straight through the camera. He is holding a strong position showing his 'Power'. The video has strong links to the theme of the song and it is the classic thought of art that we have.

In this video it zooms out from Kanye's face but then it does a fast zoom and moves to other people in the video, this all happens on the beat of the song.
The two women next to Kanye are holding sticks they both knock them on the floor on the beat.
The video is called 'Power' and everything in the image sumbolises power as it is a Greek God.
He is staring striaght at the audience through the camera which shows voyuerism.
One of the Lyrics is 'White World' and this links with the fact that all of the people arounf him in the video are white.
There is intertextuality to Kelly Rowland. There is a genre characteristic of women half dressed around him yet it is not quite right as they are dressed as if from many years ago.

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