Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Location Report

Location One - Michaela's House
We shall be using the bedroom, living room, kitchen and the drive-way.

Bedroom -
-Filming her getting out of bed and walking out of the door.
- We want to get a shot of her hand turning on the light however this could be difficult as the light will be off at the beginning of the filming therefore could be dark/black.
- There is only a small amount of space where the bed is. This could make filming difficult.

Living Room -
- Filming her reading a book and of the dog wearing wings looking out of the window.
- It could be difficult to get the dog into the wings and for her to do what we want.

Kitchen -
- Filming her making a cup of coffee and the word 'Angels' made out of Alphabetti Spaggetti.
- The spagetti could go everywhere. Could be difficult to find the letters.
- My family may want to use the kitchen/ get in the way of shooting.
IMG_0204.JPG.jpg- My dog wonders around the kitchen, she may get in the way shot/knock the camera.

Drive-way -
- Filming her walking out of the gate and down the drive.
- Cars could be driving past and ruin the shot.
- A car may come up the drive.

Location Two -Cambridge
We are wanting to shot around Cambridge at Jochoclatte, Parkers Piece and The Grand Arcade.

Jochoclatte -
- Filming her walking in to the coffee shop and sitting alone drinking it.
- Must ask permission [Michaela knows the owners should say yes.]
- Makes sure we don't get in the way or customers.
- Other custometrs my get in the shots.
- They have a big garden at the back with lots of space, should be fine to film in.

Parkers Piece
- Filming her sun bathing and relaxing on the grass.
- Could be lots of other people around. Make sure not to get in their
way or for them to get in ours.


Grand Arcade -

- Filming her walking up the stairs and/or escalator.
- Must ask permission
- Lots of people around, try not to get in their way.
Cambridge_Grand_Arcade.jpg- Difficult to film on an escalator - lots of people and it moves.

On the Streets -
- Filming her walking along the streets past street names such as 'Adam and Eve Street', 'Paradise Street' and Emmanuel Street', giving money to a person playing an instrument.
- There will be lots of people walking around who probably will walk into the shots, will have to ask them to walk around, but try not to get in their way.
- Ask permission from the person playing instrument to be in our video.

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