Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stop Motion Ideas

- "Loving angels instead"
Spelt out with scrabble tiles, one letter at at time as if people were actually playing scrabble. "angels" will share the 'n' with "loving" and the 's' with "instead".

-"Wings unfold"
The word "wings" spelt out in dice, on a blue background with clouds above. Will be 'washed away' by dice rain, then one cloud will float down, open up and have the word "unfold" written inside.

-"Love is dead"
The words "Love" and "dead" made with thin necklace chains on a piece of white paper with the word "is" written in black in-between them and from each side pull the chains to straighten out the words.

- "waterfall"
Blue buttons flow on screen and spell out the words "water" and "fall.

-"and through it all"
Each word written on the inside of each finger and being revealed one by one.

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