Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Music video advertisement, research

This is our practice magazine ad for a  indie band 'Holly D'Hibbet'. We researched Indie bands and found that they use a lot random abjects which seem to link with nothing. We took this idea and used Yoyo's to tie Holly up, one around her head, one around her arms and the last around her neck like a tie. We used yoyo's to give extra colour to the photo and to show her things about her such as her age (she must be quite young to still enjoy yoyo's) her 'fun side' (showing she isn't to shy to play with things others would not) etc.
Indie posters/adverts also seem to either be really colourful or in black and white. We decided to go with the colourful option with our main colours being blue and orange. Holly is wearing a blue shirt and has an orange yoyo in the centre of her therefore we made the writing the same colours with her name being in bold and at the top of the image to show that it is the most important, and then with the other writing written smaller and in orange.
The outfit Holly is wearing goes along with the fashion of Geek Chic which is very big at the moment in indie music. She is wearing the big geek glasses and a shirt which is buttoned all the way up.

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