Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Filming Review

Filming in Cambridge
Whilst we were filming in Cambridge we had some trouble with people walking into and around the shots. it was hard to control the the shots so that people were not getting in the way or making it obvious that we were filming such as staring at the camera. At one point during the filming of the telephone box people kept walking in front of the camera. To try and stop this we had Alistair and Bekki standing on either side of the shot redirecting the people around the other side of the telephone box and out of the shot. In other shots we just have to cut the shot before people enter it.

Filming in House
The only trouble filming in the house was that my family would be there as well. This could mean that they could have gotten into the shots or want to get to the places where we filmed. Luckily they did not however my dog did get in the way of some shots. At one point we had to have Alistair keeping her amused outside whilst we filmed the shot.

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