Monday, 28 November 2011

analysis of a student Magazine ad

i think this is a very strong magazine advert, it works because it is conventional of a pop music video, as it is bright colourful and fun. the colours are good because there is alot of white making the bright paint stand out more. They have posistioned the writing in the middle of the ad at the bottom whereas the title and name of the song or album in more off centre, as is the image, i think this composistion is effective because its interesting to look at and read. they have remembered to include all the elements of a real magazine advert such as,
The Name of the Artist - Feist
The Name of the Album - i feel it all
Where its available - Hmv
Record Label Branding - Universals
the image on the advert also links to the music video, as it is a still from it, this is effective because the image is memorable and the audience will remember it from the video.

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