Sunday, 27 November 2011

digipak poster analysis

This magazine ad displays the key conventions that include; the artists name - which is larger than the rest of the information and in white which stands out from the background. The album name is just below the artists in a smaller font. They have added tour dates in the centre of the poster; although they have not included where they are touring only the four days that they will be, and in the bottom righgt hand corner in much smaller font is the website address for the album and the music record plus logo.

The image is a close up of a male and female holding hands, as a representation of the ablum and artist it suggest his songs are about love or relationships. Aiding this suggestion is the colour effect that emphasizes the colour red and highlights certain features such as the red nail and cardigan on the female, the red shirt sleeve on the male and various tones in the out of focus background behind.

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