Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Directors Commentary Analysis: The Mummy

The commentary includes Stephen Sommers (writer/director or The Mummy) and Bob Duscay (editor)
The film also includes another commentary by Actor Brendan Fraser.

They overlay the voices over the film as you watch.

-Stephen starts really casually and introduces himself as Stephen Sommers, telling the audience 'its really Steve' but his mother makes him use his formal name. I think this is a nice way of starting as he wins over the viewer by revealing something about himself and the two joke between them.
-They talk about how much the movie cost, what kind of atmosphere they wanted to create and what they like about different camera shots.
-They run through the various effects they used and list the problems involved with the editing and mention the practical effects used like the rising of the sand.
-They pointed out little flaws and talked about lighting problems and clothing malfunctions.
-They talk about what scenes they had to cut out for different reasons like timing and pace and not wanting to reveal everything too soon.
-They revealed that the scene where eve was standing on the ladder was a stunt man in drag, and they used the same room to play a different one in the film later on.
-They talk about how important light is in the film and in the desert scenes they had a filming window of 4am - 8.30am.
-Used a professor to keep things as factual as possible, the professor also taught the actors ancient egyption with cassette tapes.

The whole commentary was really informal, and because it felt like a conversation the audience can feel involved - over all really enjoyable.

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