Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Overview of First Photo Shoot

Our first photo was on Monday 21st November where we went to Isleham for the Church. We started by photographing with a slow shutter speed with Bekki standing behind her with two torches drawing wings around her. This effect worked really well and we felt that it was a really strong image for our digi pak.
When we got back into the classroom and started editing this picture for our digi pak we realised it doesn't necessarily go with our video as it is not set at night and the photo is quite dark. We also thought that as this image is strongly based around angels we may need to add something as we are trying to sell an album not just the video or the song Angels. As we still really liked the image aboth we decided to use in on the back of the CD cover with the track listing going down around the wings.

We then tried getting the effects of cars driving pass and Holly. This effect worked slightly however all of the photos looked slightly blury or weren't a good photo of Holly. Also the background didn't looked great as it was of a house with its lights on. We therefore decided not to use any of these photos.

The last location that we used were at the Church with the light shining onto it. We used this location in the video at the end to symbolise the ending. We thought that the light shining up on the church makes a good shadow of her and the wings. We liked these photos however felt that they didn't fit with the theme of the video as its quite dark. However we may crop out just Holly and use her lite up as part of the digi pak.

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