Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Kassidy Hope St. Magazine Advert Analysis

A real published magazine ad for the band "Kassidy" to advertise their new album "Hope St." The ad offers many of the usual conventions, firstly the band name is the first thing you see, written in large and bold font, stands out and attracts the attention of the reader so they remember the name. The second thing we see is probably the large image taking up most of the page it is the same as that used on the album cover and features the band members, which allows people top recognise both the album and the band themselves.

The ad also features two reviews, one from "Mojo" and another from "Q Magazine", which likens then to a well known and well respected similar band by calling them "the British Kings of Leon", by likening Kassidy to this band they may attract the fan base of The Kings of Leon. We also see two songs by the band which will appear on the album and are told a website where we can learn more about them.

Although our album will be of a different genre, many of the conventions and techniques carry over, for example we will also be featuring the artist on our advert so the reader feels they can get to know the artist more and will recognise her easier. Also when we add our quotes they will be from relevant sources. We chose Reggie Yates as he is well known and is much more relevant to the genre than, for example, Tinie Tempah.

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