Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Student Magazine Analysis

This magazine add was done by a student of Long Road a few years ago. Their video was of a behind the scene audition however what made it interesting was the way they were throwing paint at the 'actor' who was auditioning. The theme for their video was of the brightly coloured paint being thrown on the girl and the plain white background. They used this theme in this magazine add and for their DVD cover.
In this magazine ad you can see the hands throwing the paint and the fact that they are slightly blured shows that they are in movement. You can also see the paint flying through the air and hitting the girl.
This magazine ad has all of the information needed for the audience. It says when and where you can buy, who it is and the name of the album, reviews on it and product information such as the record label and website information.
I think this is a really good magazine ad as it catches you attention and gives you all the information quickly and effectively.

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