Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Feedback of Final cut

A tremendus amount of shots were used and these were the highlight of the whole video, for each shot there was a reaction shot or a shot from another angle which made the video much more interesting to watch and more professional. I think shot in the supermarket i believe was the best, the bright colours of the shop looked great on camera and the hint of voiurism made it look incredibly professional.
The only thing i think could be improved would be the link between the music and the video. At times in the music track there would be a peak i.e. "and through it all (all is where it peaks) he offers me protection". This really strong part in the songand  seemed a bit out of touch with what was going on in the video. I think would have looked fantastic if you had of filmed some "epic" shots for which you could sync with the audio. I had in mind someone dropping to their knees, flinging their arms out and looking up to the sky for this would amplify the really significant part in the song.

I really liked the actual concept of the music video of having an angel in real life situations who no one actually notices or cares for, and following her completing a normal day but seeming to be agitated and annoyed about herself. (hopefully i got this right? haha)
I think the idea was great and obviously worked well due to the fantasic product. The factor which helped this alot was that none of the normal people actually looked up or stared. I think this was down to the perfect costume choice of not over doing it and keeping her looking normal.

The video is put together very well and this is its strong point, however i think that one of the main problems i have, related to the music and video link  i mentioned earlier, was how the audio didnt sometimes work with the video. This can be seen on in the already mentioned places and any of the vocal parts where the lyrics were very soulful but is accompanied by pretty normal video footage. This one picky problem i feel your video has could be fixed with much more clips of artist singing and a bit more time spent syncing the clips with audio parts. Other than that minor issue i think its GREAT :D 

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