Wednesday, 9 November 2011

researching artists

Katy B
Dark coloured clothes and leather represents her to be quite rebellious. From this promotional photo she comes across as an R&B artist. Her clothing style is quite individual which is symbolic of her music style. Her natural look could help her to appeal to a young audience. The general colours used in the image are quite plain and neutural and this could suggest that she is an artist that could appeal to wide range of audiences.
The music video definitely demonstrates genre characteristics due to the location being a gig venue/club and props like dj decks etc used and the artist seen interacting with these things.
With the relationship between lyrics and visuals you could argue that there is and isn’t a relationship. It could be suggested that there is due to the lyrics describing an energetic club atmosphere and the visuals showing a venue and crowds of people. On the other hand you could argue that the lyrics and visuals don’t relate due to the artist relating to herself in the lyrics whereas in the visuals she is the one performing the song, and not experiencing the energetic atmosphere of the club as much as those in the crowd. There are close ups of the artist singing, and also long shots of her performing on stage, her performing recurs across her other work. 

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