Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Student Digi Pak

This is a past Long Road student's Digi Pak and uses the theme of a fairground, which is carried out well throughout, the band name, "The Thrills" written in black stands out well against the lighter background making sure the audience sees it first, the album name at the base is smaller and stands out slightly less so it doesn't distract the viewer from the band title. The album name incorporates the word "thrill" playing on the band name, which is a common convention.
The back of the case shows a number of images in the style of polaroid pictures, similar to those which may be taken at a fairground, which feature the band members allowing the audience to get to know and recognise the band, this is even more effective because of the playful style making them look like personal pictures so the audience connects to them more.
There is also a featured quote from MME giving the album 4 stars, this not only communicates the album as high quality but also tells us what sort of band The Thrills are by connecting them to MME.

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