Sunday, 13 November 2011

Katy Perry ft Kanye West- E.T

Genre Characteristics- Pop, bright colours, creative and interesting costumes.
Lyrics and Visuals- song is about aliens and the images depict this, illustrative visuals, 'DNA' picture of DNA
Music and visuals- slow music to begin matching a long cut rate as the pace quickens so does the cut rate.the cuts are also to the beat of the music.
Demands of the record Label- Katy perry is given many fancy costumes, and is the main chracter in the narrative, and is shown as an attractive woman to the alien in the video, while kanye is almost an extra rather than a character, however he is depicted in dark sunglasses which is associated with the 'cool' and gangster look.
voyeurism- sinigng into the camera, adressing the audience, kanye west is shown looking at floating screens, this is an example of screens with in screens. there is also alot of flesh on show with Katy's outfits, which could be seen as a sexual nature, which is an example of voyuerism.
Intertextual reference- 'where in the world' by midge williams, is played at the begining of the video, there are also clips shown from nature documentaries.

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