Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Student Digi Pak Analysis

Earlier in this blog we analysed the video that goes with this digi pak and we really liked it as it had a mixture of real life and animation which, at the time, was the same as ours. Even though we have changed our video I think that this DVD package has some really good ideas.
The front cover of this DVD pack has a really nice strong image and it shows what their video was about really well as like the video it has a mixture of animation and real life by putting their animated person inside a location that is 'real'. The front has minimal information on it as it only shows the name of the artist and album therefore it could add something else, such as record label, at the top as it is very bare.
The back of this Digi pak has all of the information and it is presented clearly however i don't really like it. I think this is because it is set out in a way that doesn't look very natural and it is in blocks of text boxes. Also as the background picture had been made to be dimmed therefore it doesn't stand out, so not to over power the information, however this makes it slightly boring.

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